Friday, December 20, 2013

Peppermint Bark

Am I the only one who thinks working the days between Christmas and New Year is a waste?  Most importantly the day after my house that’s a useless, hungover, lay around with friends, wing-eating sort of day. Looks like I’m going to have to take a vacation day that I don’t have left. The price you pay for precious family bonding.  And the way my family bonds is by playing the traditional game of “who’s the drunkest at Christmas”. It all starts out about as tame as your classic family holiday, until our close friends and “uncles”, aka my dad’s high school friends, { who can still drink us under the table} come over for what is intended to be a nice dessert. And then the Jager gets broken out, and inappropriate games of Cards Against Humanity ensue, and all bets are off for anyone planning to survive without a hangover.
So I guess I’ll stop making you all jealous with my holiday plans, and get back to the reason I think we’re all here: baking. Unless of course you like my rants, in which case you shouldn't worry cause there’s plenty more where that came from. So similar to the Pumpkin craze in October, December will continue to revolve around peppermint, whether you like it or not!  And when I saw this pre-crushed candy cane I knew I needed a bag..or 2 or 3. It just makes life that much easier! On top of chocolate covered pretzels, Oreos, throw them in cookies, you can't go wrong!
But mainly my intentions were peppermint bark, because it's something I feel strongly about. It’s so delicious and refreshing, but tends to be so expensive.  There’s really only one solution to this problem- make your own! It’s such a simple and fun treat to make, especially as gifts! The trick to this is using good quality chocolate {such as Ghirardelli or Godiva}, and you’ll be surprised how good your homemade bark comes out!  My job is to show you how to mass produce peppermint bark from the convenience of your home..and for less!

Peppermint Bark
6oz Dark chocolate
6oz white chocolate
Crushed Candy Cane {or a pre-crushed bag shown above}
Line a square baking pan with parchment paper or tin foil.  Melt the dark chocolate {in a double boiler or cheat in the microwave like I do}. Spread the chocolate evenly in the bottom of the pan then place in the fridge.
*I didn't have a square hence the 3/4 filled rectangle pan. use whatever works!
In the meantime, melt the white chocolate.  Spread the white chocolate evenly over the dark chocolate. While the chocolate is still melted, sprinkle the crushed candy cane over the top.  Place back in the fridge until fully hard.
Break or cut into pieces and EAT!

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