Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Last Minute Halloween Sweet Treats!

Halloween is a torn holiday for me, mainly because I LOVE candy, but I try to stay away from it (as much as I can resist). Secondly, because I am a really poor planner when it comes to costumes.  I’m the DIY type, and while I usually end up with a pretty decent costume in my opinion, it’s still a stressful process.  Two years ago my adorable peacock costume killed it. Cute little green corset that I covered with beautiful feathers, a black tutu skirt, black tights, and a cute feather hair clip. Show stopper for sure. Last year I didn't get as creative but my cat woman all leather costume with a store bought mask did the trick.  It seems as though I am on a downward spiral, because this year not even an idea has crossed my mind and it is already October 29th.  I blame it on the old age. 24 has hit me hard let me tell you- my body aches in places I never thought could, I go to sleep before 10pm and even weekend nights are a struggle to stay up. Heck, with my allergy to hair dye, I’ll be grey haired with a cane before you know it! Okay I’m being dramatic.

So anyway, somehow I just don’t manage to have the time to that I used to for creating recipes, playing with food and dousing things in chocolate, which is easilyyy my favorite past time. And even when I do get to play, I barely remember to take blog worthy photos or post about it. On that note, I’m assuming you’re all pretty busy as well and won’t have time to come up with crazy spooky Halloween treats for your parties this weekend.  Well don’t worry I’ve manage to whip up a few easy festive treats you can make in no time!

Ready go!

First up: Candy Bar Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Halloween Candy Bars (Kitkats, Twix, Reeses, M&M, etc)
Chocolate Candy Melts
Pretzel Rods
Sprinkles, optional
Line a baking tray with parchment paper. Chop up all your candy bars into tiny pieces. 
Melt your candy melts in a microwave safe bowl. Dip a pretzel rod and cover almost completely with chocolate, leaving just about an inch at the bottom to hold it. Place down on the parchment paper and cover completely in the candy bar or sprinkles of your choice. 
Place and the refrigerator, allow the chocolate to harden, then eat! or wrap in clear bags and pass out to your work friends for Halloween like i am :) 

Chocolate covered Oreos 
Oreos (with orange cream if you can find them)
Chocolate, White and Orange Candy Melts
Piping Bags
Candy Bars, optional
Sprinkles, optional

Line a baking tray with parchment paper. If using candy bars, chop into tiny pieces.

Melt your candy melts in a microwave safe bowl. Place some of each color into the piping bags and cut a tiny bit off the tip. Dip the Oreo completely in chocolate, using a fork to remove it form the bowl and tap off excess chocolate.  Place down on parchment paper, and then drizzling using the opposite colors than you dipped in (i.e. orange and white on a chocolate Oreo).

If using sprinkles or candy bar pieces, you would do them at this time as well.
Place and the refrigerator, allow the chocolate to harden, and viola!

Orange Spider Champagne I made this last year for my party- so easy and definitely a hit!
Orange Food Color (or red and yellow)
Spider Rings
plastic champagne glasses
Place a plastic spider ring in the bottom of each champagne glass.  Pour in the champagne, then add food coloring until reached desired color. Drink up!
And here's a few other treats I made for last years party. Get creative and scary, it's such a fun time of year!

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