Monday, July 22, 2013

Animal balls and Smore's Krispie Treats

I think we're all friends enough here for me to have a little rant session, right? Lets talk about the gym for a minute, considering I spend a decent amount of my awake time there. Work-Gym-Eat-Sleep- Repeat-- throw in a little kickball game, shopping, occasional happy hour, beach on the weekends and you live my life.

So what is it with dudes at the gym!? Before I was actively training and lifting {back in my boring cardio days}, I might've believed that maybe it did take 2 1/2 hours for boys to get their lifting done and that they worked really hard to get their muscles.  NEW FLASH: it doesn't .  Pardon my french, but if guys would just stop d*cking around and pay attention to their work out instead of standing around for 2 minutes between each set and talking to their buddies, things would get done a lot quicker.  I literally saw a guy doing cable crunches for 20 MINUTES I kid you not. In the amount of time I completed half my workout, I came back to find this guy was still praying for some abs.  Honey, try a salad.
Okay now that my venting is over, and I just told some guy to eat a salad, let me share some sweet treats I made this weekend! I went to a "Neon Jungle" party down the right?! So I had to get my creative side on and think of something that wouldn't take too long, hopefully wouldn't melt too quick, and that went with the theme.  Again looking for a way out of turning on the oven, I went with the always favorite Oreo Truffles {recipe posted earlier on the blog}, with animal print!
They came out pretty cute!

Summer nights remind me of camping and firepits, anyone else? But let's be honest, it's been way too hot these past few weeks for any of that. So I've decided to help appease your Smore's craving by transforming them into the delicious form of Krispie Treats ..they actually don't contain any rice kripsies, but I figure anything in that delicious marshmellowy genre deserves the name.

Smore's Krispie Treats
Golden Grahams, 6 cups
1 Bag marshmellows
3 Tbs. butter
1 cup mini marshmellows
1/2-1 cup chocolate chips
In a large pot over medium heat, melt butter. Add 1 bag of marshmellows and stir constantly until completely melted {making sure not to burn them}.
Removed from heat. Slowly add in Golden Grahams until desired marshmellow-cereal ratio is achieved  *I never measure mine, I just pour until they look right so it may be a little more or less than 6 cups.
Let stand for a minute or 2.  Toss in the chocolate chips and mini marshmellows and stir gently to avoid melting.  Spread into a greased baking pan and allow to cool complete.  Cut into squares and enjoy!

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