Thursday, May 23, 2013

Patriotic Rice Krispies Treats

First of all, I have a bone to pick with M&M. They manage to pull through in the clutch with every flavor variety and holiday color schemes EXCEPT when I need Red, White & Blue. Let's hope they take my brilliant advice and have this problem solved by 4th of July.

Until then, I had to sit picking out each individual red and blue M&M from two bags. It's times like these I wish I had a child-- its amazing to watch how easily excited they are by simple challenges like these.
Also, another tip for M&M: spice up your color scheme, these are pretty lame especially without the Red and Blue.  Perhaps a pink? white? purple? Think about it.

So if you haven't caught on, Memorial Day is just as patriotic and exciting as 4th of July around my bandana all packed up and ready for a fun filled weekend at the beach with friends, family, drinks and BBQs.

In honor of the holiday, its only fair that I make another adorably festive dessert for me to salivate over while attempting to resist licking the spoon. UGH. I almost had to break out a paleo brownie from my freeze stash especially for this one..but I managed to hold out. THINK BIKINI STEPHANIE!
Now I've probably mentioned over and over and over again that my favorite dessert, although nothing fancy, is in fact Rice Krispie Treats.  They were at one point a staple in my diet.  It actually pains me to even talk about them, I miss them that much.
But for the sake of you guys I put myself through the ultimate test of will power to create this easy, festive, absolutely scrumptious treat!
I'm assuming this is definitely what heaven looks like, am I right or am I right? fluffy, sweet, a little sticky..there really cant be a place much better than this that's for sure. I'd easily live in a pot of this forever.
Don't these just scream America?! It's crazy how taking a simple classic sweet and throwing in a few extra add-ins can change the game completely!

Patriotic Rice Krispie Treats

6 cups Rice Krispies Cereal*
1 bag Jet Puff Marshmallows
3 Tbs butter
Red & Blue M&Ms
White chocolate
Star Sprinkles
Ziploc bag

Spray brownie tray with Pam. In a medium pot, melt the butter.  Add in marshmallows and continue to stir constantly until fully melted.  Remove from heat.

Add cereal a little bit at a time and continue to stir until desired consistency is achieved* {I don't usually measure my cereal, just pour until it looks right}. Pour in M&Ms and stir to incorporate.  Be sure not to over stir or they will begin to melt and smash. Spread mixture into the prepared baking sheet and let settle about 15 minutes.

Cut into desired squares and place on parchment paper to separate, making decorating easier {not necessary but recommended}.

Melt white chocolate in a microwave save bowl in 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until fully melted.  Using a sandwich size Ziploc, cut a tiny bit of the corner off.  Put in white chocolate and drizzle over krispie treats. Sprinkle with stars and allow chocolate to set. Then serve! :)

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  1. I made these as a dessert for some of our troops. They look wonderful and so many guys really like Rice Krispie Treats that this is a fun dessert. Thanks.