Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Push Pop into Spring!

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday, I sure did! I haven't seen my baby cousin since Thanksgiving and I was in serious withdrawal.  He is undoubtably the happiest baby with the most contagious laugh ever.  Plus I think we look alike with our chubby cheeks AND he loves the camera just as much as I do.  God I could just eat him up!
And you know how in my last post I was whining about how my Easter baskets were too simple growing up and all the cool chocolate they have out now..well Linda {my mother} really out did herself this year.  Although she KNOWS I'm paleo and can't eat any treats, she also knows I have incredible self control so she proceeded to make me a basket and somehow found everything I'd want! 
EVEN THE WHITE CHOCOLATE M&M'S I SWOONED OVER! I think it's a sin for me not to try them, but I'm holding strong. And I love how awesome baskets are as we get older- they include wine! That won't last long, but the rest will have to be hidden until I give in to a cheat. 

As every holiday lately I'm gladly in charge of making most desserts.  I know carrot cake was an obvious choice for Easter, but I made that the last time I visited my family, so I decided to go with Red Velvet instead.  I have just about mastered my red velvet with cream cheese icing and it is always an instant hit.  

Since I knew all the sweets and chocolate around might be tempting, I decided to make Paleo brownies and they came out absolutely fantastic.  I highly suggest giving them a try if you eat Paleo, grain-free or gluten-free. I used PaleoParent's recipe for Samoa Brownies and made the caramel and toasted coconut as instructed, but ended up loving them way more plain.
For the kids I wanted to do something more fun than cupcakes and less time consuming than cake pops.  Push pops- a less messy option with a greater icing:cake:sprinkle ratio, HOW COULD YOU GO WRONG! I haven't been able to find push pops in all stores yet but I know they will be hitting the shelves as the new craze soon enough.  However, Target never ceases to amaze me with their new holiday treats, as my mom found a set that came with this adorable Easter stand!
These were so easy and fun to make. I'm already picturing how awesome they'd be for Memorial Day/Fourth of July with red and blue icing {hint hint}!

Spring Push Pops
Vanilla Cake {from scratch or a box}
Buttercream Icing*
Red and Yellow Food Coloring {or any other colors you prefer}
Festive Easter Sprinkles
Push Pop Containers

Make the vanilla cake in two 9x13" pans, in order to make them thin enough to fit two layers in the pops. Use the top of the push pop to cut out circular pieces of cake. Begin my dropping one piece of cake into the bottom of each push pop.
Make your favorite butter cream icing. *I used my recipe metioned in my earlier Funfetti Cake post. Seperate evenly into two bowls.  Dye the icing until the desired color is achieved. Pipe in the first layer of icing about the same thickness as the cake.  Add in festive sprinkles.
 Drop in the second layer of cake and repeat with the alternate color icing.
Then top off the cakes with more sprinkles. {be careful not to fill the pops too much over the edge or the cap won't fit properly}
Besides what ended up on their faces from licking off every drop from the inside of the tube..there was no mess to clean up. Success!

These are the perfect treat for any birthday or holiday, so get push-popping this Spring :)

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