Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cake Pops Galore!

A lucky groom in a pack of brides.

Okay I was trying to woe you by starting off with a pretty picture, but I'm SO SO SORRY that I've been slacking! I've actually been getting busy doing some cake pop orders for real people (YAY!), that I unfortunately haven't had much time to mess around with cool recipes for you.

I love cake popping, I find it to be rather therapeutic. But it does take a few days and various steps to get them done in time for the weekend.
Bake the cakes.
Roll the balls.
Insert the sticks.
{These were red velvet and carrot cake, nom!}
And for the recent pops I've made the decorating took almost a full day in itself, but they were so worth it and adorable!

Brides and Grooms for an engagement party, I mean how freakin CUTE are these?! I can't wait to do these again some day soon and play around with more details and designs. 
Watch out for the Tuxedo Army!
Then there were the beach balls for a dear friend and sorority sister's surprise bridal shower.  These were more time consuming than I initally imagined, having to make each strip a using a different color sugar, but I definitely got to practice my painting skills :)
For these I dipped them fully in white, let them dry, then used a toothpick to draw light lines dividing the ball into 8 equal parts.  Then the trick was how I was going to get every other portion to be a different color.  My first thought was melted chocolate, but that would potentially dry too fast or cause clumps and make a huge mess.  I was a little stumped until I did my research and realized the perfect solution. Corn Syrup. That along with a tiny little paint brush so I could stay within the lines, and Viola!
Although I still think my absolute favorite pops are the ones doused in bright sugar crystals or nonpariels. So simple,yet Chic. I LOVE <3
I promise promise promise I will have a new fun recipe for you in the week to come, so stay tuned!

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