Monday, December 10, 2012

2012: The Start of Something Good :)

Welcome to Messy Little Baker! Over the past year or so I have gotten heavily into baking, and I figure the best way to start off my blog would be to take a trip down memory lane of a few past creation.  Now that I've mastered a bunch of recipes and developed some decorating skills, I promise to focus on taking some cooler pictures as well! I will hopefully get posts up for these recipes along the way just bare with me :)

One of my very first cakes was for my best friend, who just so happens to be born on St. Patty's day {hence the green frosting}.  She might be the biggest chocoholic I know, so this cake combination was sure to rock her world. I had no choice but to go with a two layer, heavenly chocolate overload cake. Iced with an Oreo buttercream. Topped with crushed Oreos. And of course drizzled with copious amounts of chocolate. Yup that's sure to put you in a choco-coma.

At this point I was hooked. I didn't even need a reason, I just wanted to bake. Anything. Everything. Just my luck Easter was around the corner so I decided to step my game up.  Colors, sprinkles, decorations, ideas started flowing.  My first thought was "why keep a vanilla cake boring and white when I can make it any cute color I want?" In fact, I took it one step further and the next thing I knew tye-dye was happening. Pink, Blue, Green..things just got crazy in that kitchen.  Shortly after- thanks to my constant supply of marshmallows, sprinkle addiction, and a few last minute holiday candy purchases- I found myself left with these adorable bunny cupcakes! With just a touch of coconut to give the illusion of fur, these are super easy and sure to be a hit at your next Easter, give them a try!


From there things just got out of hand. I jumped at the opportunity for every birthday or holiday event.  Next birthday was around the corner. And I'm pretty sure theres not one person I know who doesn't love some good chocolate chip cookie dough. Heck, living with 20 girls in a sorority house taught me dough will barely ever make it to the cookie stage if someone gets their hands on a spoon first.  So I decided on a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and cookie dough filling (eggless), topped with chocolate ganache and cookies for decoration.
May continued with a special day for a woman, without who I wouldn't be who I am today. Or here at all for that matter. MOTHER'S DAY! Another holiday at my house spent with family which, simply put, means a day revolving around food. Not only did I take charge of the baking, but today I took charge of the cooking as well {yeah I have a few tricks up my sleeve}.  But lets get to the important stuff and the reason you're reading this post- dessert. Now I'm usually not a brownie kid, but MY OH MY. I made the most delicious fudgey chocolatey brownies..and took them to a whole new level when I decided to throw in a few {okay a whole bag} of chopped up Twix and drizzled them with caramel perfection.  Now if you read my About Me you'd know that dad loves cheesecake.  And my sister, shes got a thing for Cheesecake Factory's  White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. So I decided to take a stab at it, adding an oreo crust and substituting Splenda to be a little more diabetic friendly.

Memorial day rolled around and we were headed down to my beach house with the gang, so obivously sweets were required. The cookie dough cake was such a hit I thought why not make a mini version.  So cupcakes it was, with cookie dough filling, buttercream icing and topped with a mini cookie. Perfection.
This birthday I switched it up. For a chocolate lover friend, we have a chocolate explosion cake! Rich chocolate cake, iced with chocolate butter cream and an excessive topping of just about every chocolate bar I could find {extra reese around the edges cause that's her favorite :D}. Talk about a sugar rush!
Next up was our birthday, as in me and my other half.  We're easy when it comes to dessert. We LOVE rice crispy treats { i know not a toughie but a classic}. A heavenly combination of chewy and crunchy *gluten free* snack any kid is sure to enjoy..or in our case any 23 year old. Now I had to make something for my sweet tooth friends and what is a birthday without a cake or cupcakes? When it comes to the question of vanilla or chocolate cake my answer is a no brainer- I'm a vanilla kid.  With an Oreo cookie baked inside, and an Oreo buttercream,  can't go wrong!
Halloween.  My first big holiday since I've gotten some new skills. Chocolate covered pretzels and Oreos are always a go-to sweet treat.  Chocolate, Colors, Sprinkles. I even managed to pick up a few cute pretzel molds at Joann's and made an adorable Frankenstein, Dracula, witches and ghosts :) and a cute skull mold which I used as cupcake toppers with some bone sprinkles!  And of course every party I have once again includes rice crispy treats, and I put a twist on them making s'mores bars as well {using golden grahams, chocolate chips and marshmallows}!

With the effects of Hurricane Sandy and getting back in the groove of things, Thanksgiving was right around the corner.  I wanted to make something for the kids and work friends, but I didn't know what.  Cupcakes can sometimes be too much or messy to eat, and since I've been such a huge fan of cake balls/pops the past few months it was the obvious choice.  Red velvet was my cake of choice.  What cuter way to decorate them than to make then into holiday appropriate turkeys!
 And a carrot cake from heaven. Seriously.  This recipe was passed down a few years ago, and it is hands down the best carrot cake I have ever had {and I'm not a huge cake fan}.  I will be sure to blog this recipe next time around!

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